Damien Cook Fantasy & SC 2023

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Sorry Damien but 2023 looks like a bust for you Fantasy and Supercoach Wise mate - No doubt you`ll have some good games and maybe even average your price tags - but the smart money has to be on just avoiding you this season.

Im sure most reading this are having a real WTF moment... but lets break it down.

Rounds 1-12 There`s only so many big dollar players you can accommodate under the Fantasy and Supercoach Salary Caps in the first 12 Rounds. Should Cook be a consideration to start with?

On the plus side, he doesn`t have any Byes through these Rounds.

On the minus side, he is so Max Priced in both formats that there is nothing but downside. In Fantasy he is priced at $945K (66 Points), higher than he`s averaged in a full season ever (he averaged 67 in 2015 but only played 3 games).

Even when considering his 1st 12 Rds Averages (so not including Avg Dip Through Mid Season): 2018: 61 2019: 67 2020: 65 2021: 57 2022: 65.5

So for almost $950K through the 1st 12 Rds, hes at value AT BEST with enormous potential down side more than anything... All it takes is a little bit of BE pressure mounting and an early HIA out of a game and there`s a lot of valuable Team Value bleeding.

It`s a similar story in Supercoach where he is priced at $691K (75 points) which he has barely bettered, twice in the last 5 seasons:

2018: 77.1 2019: 75.9 That sort of Premium Money early is much safer in the likes of Hynes and Cleary who are less likely to have an early Category 1 HIA than Middle Forwards. Verdict - No, there`s better choices to invest that sort of money in, early in the season.

**Rounds 13-19** Souths Origin Players will miss at least Rds (13, 16, 19) during this 7 Game Stretch, which is enough to make them impracticable to own, even without other possible missed games backing up from Origin and/or shorter minute games.

Verdict - Definite No to owning the likes of Cook, Murray, Mitchell through the Middle Season.

Rounds 20-27 The Run Home during which Souths have Byes in Rounds 20 and 26! An absolute no for H2H players you would think. And a pain for Overall Players looking to finish strong.

Verdict - Maybe if I`ve really managed trades well and have some luxury trades up my sleeve... and already have every Super Premium Player missing less than 2 Games... Maybe I could buy him Rd 21 and be able to manage trades to trade him out and re-distribute the cash in Rd 26.... But the likelihood of that is SFA!

Sorry Damien - I just don`t see you being Fantasy or Supercoach relevant for me in 2023.

While we`re here: Latrell Fantasy Rd 1 - Pass - Overpriced Latrell Supercoach Rd 1 - Pass - Max priced Murray Fantasy Rd 1 - Pass - Max Priced Murray Supercoach Rd 1 - Pass - Overpriced

Verdict - Avoid Souths Origin Players Completely in 2023!

Published on 08-Feb-2023

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